Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thrifty Finds #2

Hi thrifty friends!  I wanted to hit up a few yard sales this past weekend, but as always, I got off to a late start, so I spent my free time at some thrift shops. 

 I also went into a new thrift shop that is owned by people who go to storage auctions.  There was nothing there for me, but so much cool stuff.  The furniture is kind of spendy, but super nice.  Wouldn't it be fun to go to one?

Here is my haul from Saturday.

Does anyone know what these are?  I think that they might be salt and pepper shakers sans their tops??

I paid three dollars for the set.  Score!!!

Waiting for me at the Salvation Army was this cute little bowl.  I didn't have one this shape, so I snatched this up right away. It's always exciting to find a new one. With a price tag of 50 cents, you can't go wrong!

The last one that I found, was a little custard dish.  It was 1 dollar.  I have 7 like this one already, but my weakness for milk glass prevailed once again!

Now, this is one of those finds that is not so thrifty.  I bought a table from the Goodwill, but I forgot to bring cash.  They had a minium of 5 dollars, and my table was 4.99.  I grabbed this picture frame for 5 bucks.  Still less than I would pay for it brand new, but more than I would have liked to spend.  Lesson learned!  Always bring cash!!!

Purple is not my color, but with a little spray paint and glaze, I can make it fit into my house.

I was driving by my local Salvation Army today and saw that they are having a 75% off sale. I might just have to sneak in!!!


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