Monday, May 20, 2013

The Trouble Maker

Happy Monday! How was every one's weekend?  We had a nice relaxing one here.  I did my normal thrift shopping on Saturday.  It's my 2 hours of getting away each week. Having a couple of hours to myself really re energizes me.

My first stop was Goodwill.  It's a really small, but extremely clean store. Actually, the cleanest Goodwill that I have ever been to.  You know how thrift stores usually have that musty smell?  This store does not!

I came out with a few treasures.  The first thing I found was this adorable Drexel accent table.  My first thought was this is such a sweet simple table.  It should take me no time at all...  I was wrong!

This little monster was a pain in the butt.  It soaked up paint like no tomorrow.  Normally, I don't prime if I am using chalk paint.  This piece really should have been primed.  I noticed right away that the paint was being soaked up, but I kept on painting.  It ended up taking 4 coats, and it still wasn't completely covered... Grrr...

I am working on a desk right now, and I wanted to add a grain sack stripe to it, but I have never done it.  I thought since this is such a small table that it would be my practice test.  I wanted a white stripe, but I accidentally grabbed grey paint.  I did not notice until it was too late.  My fault for doing it when it was getting dark outside.  After all the trouble it gave me, I was not about to redo it.  Yellow and grey go together anyway.

Here is the after.


 After all my frustration, I am finally happy with it.  They can't all be easy right?  What fun would that be???


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  1. it's adorable! i love the color and the stripes are a fun touch!