Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Black Victrola Cabinet

I was in line at one of my favorite thrift shops the other day, when I noticed this awesome cabinet by the checkout.  I knew exactly what it was, I was just hoping the price tag was reasonable!  Even before the 50% off, it was a deal.  SCORE!!!!!


The top had two layers of veneer that needed to come off.  Have I told you how much I hate taking off veneer??? I usually end up bloody by the end of it!

I used Lincoln's Hat by American Paint Company.  I love this paint.  The coverage is great.  I only needed one coat and then a few touch ups.

Love the hardware.  I got it at Hobby Lobby.

I think this would make a super cute liquor cabinet.  Don't you?



  1. Nice thrifting find at the last minute like that. Did you put a top coat of any kind? I really like the low-lutre finish and was wondering. Nice job!

    1. Thanks! I did use a top coat. It's just a paste wax.