Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Light Aqua Cabinet

Hi Furniture Friends!  First of all I would like to apologize in advance for my pictures.  You see, I live in Portland Oregon and we are known for our grey skies!  Add on a house that has almost no natural light, and we have a picture taking disaster.

I bought this super cute cabinet a couple of weeks ago.  It needed a little love.  The veneer was coming off of the back and it had some holes that needed filling.  It was my first experience taking an iron to my furniture.  It actually worked pretty well.  The reason that I bought the cabinet was the beautiful hardware.  So pretty!

  I almost forgot to take the before picture.  I had already moved the top drawer and the hardware.

Yes.  I am painting in my kitchen.  It is way too cold to paint in the garage.  So far it has worked out.  I have not had an accident yet.  Oh no!  Did I just set myself up???

I chose an "oops" color that I had bought a couple of months ago.  The little paint blob on the can looked more mint than aqua, but the paint dried a little darker. So I guess aqua it is.

Now let me tell you that these pictures are not the cabinets true color.  It looks much lighter here.  In a lot of my pictures it looked grey.  Go figure!

I gave it two coats of my homemade chalk paint.  I might have already said this before, but to make my chalk paint, I just add a little non sanded grout.  Works great for me.  I will use this recipe forever.  It's so budget friendly!

I sanded it down using 150 grit sand paper.  Then used a lot of black glaze.  This piece turned out more dirty than I usually do. I wanted a little something on the front, so I put the number 33 on the doors.  The last thing I did was wax it down.

I have decided that I am going to use up all of my paint that I have on hand before I buy anymore.  I kinda have a problem with buying  paint. Some might even say that I am a paint hoarder.   I buy so much of it.  We will see how long it takes to use up what's in my garage.  My shelf is stocked full!



  1. found you at elizabeth and co! i love how the bottom of it just kind of melts into the floor. this is a great piece! party at my place if you feel like stopping by!

  2. So pretty Wendy! Love the color, the hardware and the number!