Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Favorite Thrift Shop!!

I am about to expose my favorite thrift shop.  People always ask me where I find my furniture at.  Most of the time, I play coy.  "Oh, you know, here and there."  It's not true.  I pretty much only go to one store...

It looks like a regular Goodwill, but look a little closer.  What do you see???

Yep, they exist.  I was stunned the first time I went in.  Inside there are tons of bins with clothes and everything else you could think of.  They sell most things by the pound.  I usually skip over those.  I will be honest.  I'm kinda scared to stick my hands in the bins.  One bin that I have no problem with is the book bin.  They sell hardback books for $2.00.  Music sheets are .25-1.00 for the whole book.  I found some sheet music that was 120 years old.  I paid a whopping quarter for it!

Anyway, on to what you really want to see... The furniture.  I had my little girl with me that needed a nap, so I shot what I could with my cell phone.

First we have a cute little coffee table.  It was $3.00.  Look how cute the legs are!

Next up we have a super cute dresser for $20.00

 Wait for this one!  How cute is this dresser???  It was only $50.00.  I really wanted it, but in order to buy a big dresser, I have to take out my car seats, and I had my sweet girl in tow!  I will try to go back.   The best thing about this place is that, each day the prices go down. So if it's around tomorrow it will be 40-45!!!

Here are some of the chairs.  I bought 4 extra chairs for my kitchen at the outlet.  I paid $!.00 for each of them.  They didn't match completely, but once I slapped some paint on there, nobody can tell!

I wish that I knew how to reupholster.  This little sofa was so cute!  $12.00!

Here are some super cute vanities!  The second one has it's original casters!

Anyway... So now my secret is out! It's okay though.  There is always enough furniture to go around.  

Here is what I brought home.  I found these little end tables.  They were five bucks a piece.  How could I say no???  I love that they match, but are a little different!  



  1. I am so jealous. I have one of these outlets somewhat close to me, but the furniture is pretty expensive and there is not much to choose from.

    1. You need to go a lot to get the great deals. I live right next to one, so I go a couple of times a week. So many times I have walked away with paying $1.00 for cute tables.

  2. Soooo jealous! I totally wish we had a Goodwill outlet. They have some great pieces. I love your adorable little tables. What a score! :)

  3. I need to look around never have I seen dressers or vanities like those and the couch you can do it,,,take the material off carefully and use as your pattern..and you cut more for those little mistakes...a really really good stapler is the key,power is best

  4. Wendy, you have inspired me! A Goodwill Outlet opened here in Kansas City a few months back and I still haven't made it there!! Now I REALLY want to go!!! One problem, we are moving next week and I'm thinking my husband will notice if I tried to add a few project pieces on the truck....hmmmm. :( I may just have to check it out anyway....we will be back to visit family and then I will know what kind of vehicle we need to drive!! :) Love you blog and am going to start following.