Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Small Aqua Dresser

Good afternoon everyone!  I know that I have not been blogging lately, but I promise that I have been painting like a mad woman!  I am starting to get a little more serious about my furniture business.  I've even convinced Mr. Sometimes Twice that I need a truck.  We have been looking around, but I am waiting for the perfect one!

I found this small dresser at the Salvation Army.  It was half price day, so in my SUV it went!  The color was not what I usually go for, but the detail was beautiful!

Here is the before.

I do not like blonde furniture. I like something more dark that comes through when I distress.  No problem though.  I just painted it black before I put the aqua paint on.

Here it is after!

After I painted it black, I mixed up some homemade chalk paint with some aqua that I had on hand.  I gave it one coat, and then I mixed up a second cup of homemade chalk paint.  I used the same aqua, but I added a little bit of white to lighten it up.  It gave the piece really great depth.

I used my favorite black glaze by Valspar, and then waxed it down.

It didn't have any hardware, so I bought glass knobs.  





If I had room for this guy, I would keep it.  I think it is a perfect pop of color for any room.



  1. It came out great! Love this piece.

  2. That piece is AWESOME. And gorgeous color!

  3. That is a beautiful small dresser. I love the detail on the drawers and sides.

  4. I love the depth that you created. Great jobl.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  5. So pretty! I love to make things pretty again. Found you on Kammys Korner Trash to Treasure blog hop.