Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thrifty Finds #3

Good morning!  This past weekend, I went out to the thrift stores to see if there were any treasures to be found.  I did come home with a few.

I may have mentioned before, but right next to my house is a strip mall of thrift stores.  I think that there are about 10 all right next to each other.  Including Bargain Hunters.  It is a store that is owned and operated by stars of the hit T.V. show Storage Wars. Their prices are a little high for me, but I always go in just to see what they have.  Next time I go, I will take some photos for you!

As I was walking around one of the stores, I spotted this adorable milk glass bunny dish.  I looked at, but put it back. 

When I turned the corner, there was another little milk glass dish.  This time, it was a chicken.  I figured it was destiny stepping in saying "Please take home these lonely little animals!"

I paid full blown retail for them, but that's okay!  Not everything in my collection needs to be a steal. 

I also scored some more milk glass bowls.  I can never have too many!  These ones I believe are from an old mixer.  They are made by Hamilton Beach.

The last thing that came home with me was an Ironstone bowl.  I was kind of shocked to find this.  I used to find Ironstone in all of the Goodwills in Portland.  Here, they barely have a dish section in the stores, let alone Ironstone. I might have done a little happy dance right there in the store!!!



  1. These are wonderful. I have the milk glass nesting rabbit. It is actually a Martha Stewart reproduction made from the original molds. I have no idea how to tell if yours is the original or the MS reproduction, but either way, it is beautiful! You did great!