Monday, August 26, 2013

Roadside Rescue

Good Morning everyone.  I'm excited to show you my very FIRST roadside rescue!

 A couple of weeks back, my family and I were driving around, looking at neighborhoods, and my hubby spotted these tables on the side of the curb with a free sign on them.  We stopped the car and I begged him to go get them.  I was being a big wussy because there were people standing in the driveway packing up a U- Haul.  Being the sweet man that he is, he made me put on my big girl pants and go get them myself.(Sometimes I need a push)  I walked up shyly to the tables and sure enough the people looked my way.  I smiled and told them that I would take these.  They quickly offered a really cute dresser too, but we didn't have room.  I asked if they would be around later, but they were headed back to Malibu. BOO!

I quickly grabbed my curbside goodness and off we went. 

Apparently, I was so excited that I didn't take a before picture.  Normally, I would blame my kiddos, but I honestly can't remember taking one.

Here is the after.

  These tables were in really great shape.  I didn't need to do any sanding before.  I just made sure that I wiped them clean.  I used two coats of light blue/grey DIY chalk paint.  Distressed them and then glazed them with a chocolate brown glaze.  It was my first time using brown glaze.  I have to say that I really liked it.  Next time, I think that I want it to be a little darker though.  I waxed them down and then gave the hardware a little makeover with black spray paint. 


I am happy to announce that my furniture business has picked up:)  I am actually clean out of furniture right now.  I guess not the worst problem to have.  I did picked up a couple of pieces this weekend and will be working on them this week. 
I also think that I may have finally convinced my hubby that I need a small truck!!!  It is so frustrating finding a great deal and not being able to fit it in my SUV. 


  1. Love the makeover!
    Roadside finds are the BEST! I don't care who is looking I always stop. I don't even have an SUV--I make sure I have rope and a blanket at all times in case I have to have things hanging out of my trunk.

  2. Great makeover! Free is the best!! I'm with you, I need a push sometimes...I have a small car and think lots of times I should get something bigger!

  3. They look lovely! Great job on the distressing.

  4. These look great!! Come link up with us at Craft Frenzy Friday at!!

  5. I love a good roadside find - these are now beautiful! And a truck is on my wish list too!