Monday, November 26, 2012


The other night I decided that I wanted to go shopping.  I was on my way to HomeGoods when I was compelled to stop at Goodwill.  I just had a feeling that I needed to go in.  I walked around for 30 minutes without really finding anything that I couldn't live without.  I was about to walk out the door when something caught my eye...

The more I collect Ironstone, the more I can spot it from far away.  Right on the end cap I saw a serving bowl.  Score!  When I looked at the price it said 29.99.  Instantly my high was gone... Until I looked a little closer. It wasn't 29.99 for just the one bowl.  It was 29.99 for a 43 piece set.  What?  No way! I thought to myself.  I looked a little more and BINGO!  There it was.

 I needed a cart, but I had one of those moments where I was frozen.  I did not want to leave my treasures.  I ran as fast as I could to grab one.  I put them in my cart and headed  to the cash register before they realized how cheap it was. 

The cashier picked one up and said "Wow!  These are much heavier than they look."  I remember thinking the same thing the first time I picked one up.  She also noticed the crazing on them.  I still don't know it they are a good thing or bad thing.  I love it.  Makes it look like it has some history.


So, I guess the moral of this story is to always listen to your gut.  I knew that there was something waiting for me to rescue it.  I just didn't think I would hit the jackpot!



  1. Stopping by via JBS vintage. Thanks for showing the back! Now I know what to look for! Very pretty! E x

  2. Isn't is AWESOME when you just find a gem like that and for an awesome price, it's the best!!!!

  3. What a great find! I know the feeling of not wanting to leave something great once you've found it! :)
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, come check it out if you want to pass it on!

  4. You found some great pieces. I love ironstone. It is fun to stack and display.

  5. Great find! I'm always on the lookout for ironstone too...I have a china cabinet I want to fill up with it! Visiting from Tuesday's Treasures:)

  6. oops...sorry--I was signed in under my husband's (Mitch H) account up there!