Friday, October 12, 2012

Thrird Time's a Charm...

Sometimes things don't go right.  Here is proof that if you stick with it, great things can happen.

I had purchased this table for my bestie.  She had called and asked if I would keep my eye out for a round table.  When I found this, I snatched it up.

She had decided that she wanted painted light grey with black glaze.  Easy enough, right?  Well, here was my first mistake.  I hadn't finished it yet, so I put a blanket over it. The next morning, I went to take the blanket off, and this is what I found.

One of my kids had spilled a whole container of bubbles on the blanket. Which sat there all night.  The paint just peeled right off.

I then decided that I was going to be a mean friend and let her fix it herself.  She did not want to, so I put it aside for a couple of months.

While working on another project I accidentally spilled a whole bunch of aqua paint right on the table.  Looked like it was going to be painted aqua.  How bad could it be?  Aqua is such a pretty color.  Here is what it looked like.  I'll let you be the judge.

I was not a fan.  Don't get me wrong, I love aqua, but it was just all sorts of wrong on this table.So out came my electric sander and I got to work.

First I gave it two coats of dark grey.  I didn't want the aqua showing through, so I used latex.  I then gave it a whitewash.  This is my absolute favorite finish of furniture.  I have done a couple of pieces in this finish, and they are always my favorite.  I then did a layer of wax to make sure that it was protected.

Yes, this is my living room, and this is where it is staying.  I just happened to need a coffee table.  I love it.  It fits perfectly in my home.  I am pretty good about not keeping my pieces.  Have you ever heard the phrase "The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes"?  That is me.  While I make pretty furniture, my house needs some serious love.  It is getting better now that my children are getting older.  I wasn't a fan of my things being broken by little hands, so after I had my kids, I quit putting decorations out.  Now that they are 2 and 4, they understand to not ruin mommy's things.

                                                      Here are some more pictures



  1. What a great find! That is the cutest little round table ever. You are right, the aqua was wrong but boy the gray with the whitewash is all kinds of right! Love seeing what you did!

  2. It turned out perfectly! Proof that not everything is better in aqua or white :)

  3. sometimes twice. sometimes thrice. no matter what it looks awesome now!

  4. What an awesome makeover - the grey with the whitewash is perfect. Stopped by from Elizabeth and Co.

  5. You were right to paint it grey, it looks great and suits the living room furnishings really well. It takes time to decorate but bit by bit you'll turn the space into a dream room you'll love :)