Monday, October 29, 2012

First Annual Halloween Party

I have not been painting furniture lately.  I have had a couple of things going on.  The first thing is our family's first Halloween party!  I have been a very busy bee putting all the stuff together. I always joke and say that the parties are the reason I had children!

I made these fun little cupcake toppers using two punches, craft paper, witch hat stickers, lollipop sticks, and puffy tape.

What kind of party would it be without cake pops?  I used strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting.  I usually use lollipop sticks, but I thought it would be more festive using paper straws.

It always seems that we have tons of sweets left over, so I found these little take home boxes at Michaels.  I used a couple of glass jars to hold candy.

Here are the witch's brooms that I made.  They are just chocolate covered pretzel sticks covered in sprinkles.

I found pumpkin marshmallows at the grocery store.  I dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them.

Here are the munchkins ready to start the party.  They refused to wear their hats, but that is okay.  Ella is a pirate princess, and Lucas is a knight in shining armor.  Holidays are so much more fun with the kiddos!  I think we may just have to have to have a party every year!


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