Monday, January 13, 2014

Blue Detailed Chest

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I am showing you the larger of the two chests that I picked up a while back. 

Here is the before.

This one was in much better condition than the smaller one.  I started off by sanding the whole thing.  The finish was kinda chipping off, so I made sure to sand it really well.

Here is the after.

I LOVEEEEE how it turned out.  I used an oops paint that I found at Home Depot.  It was this gorgeous blue/grey color.  It had really great coverage, so I just had to use one coat and then I went over a couple of spots.

I'm sad that the pictures don't do this little chest justice.  The finish is so awesome!

 I knew that I wanted to glaze it, so I got out my glaze.  While looking around, I came across a wood stain that I had.  A light bulb went off, and I decided to mix the two together.  The glaze that I used was a pearly iridescent finish, when I mixed the stain in, it turned a beautiful silvery/brown color!

I distressed it and then waxed and buffed.

I love this chest!  If I had room in my house, I would find a spot for it.  Unfortunately, it will go up for sale.  I just hope it finds a great home!



  1. This looks fantastic. I laughed when I read you used oops paint because the chest looks like you spent a lot of time thinking about it and working on it. Keep up the great work. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey