Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tall Green Dresser

I'm really getting excited about getting back into painting furniture.  I made my usual trip to my favorite local shops and came across two tall boys right next each other.  The price was right, so I snagged both of them. 

Here is the first one.


Other than missing a few pieces of hardware, it was in excellent condition. Which meant no prep work!  Just a light sanding to make sure that my paint sticks:)


I used Restful by Sherwin Williams.  I have been obsessing over this color and thought that this dresser was perfect!

As I have said before, I sell most of my furniture on local Facebook groups.  I asked everyone if they prefer the look of dark wax or clear wax better.  About 95% of the people that answered, prefer clear wax.  I was kind of shocked.  To me, it looks much more authentic if it has that "dirty" look to it, but we are in the business of selling, so I just used Annie Sloan's clear wax.

I added some new hardware that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

I couldn't capture the true color of it.  It ended up looking more blue in the pictures, but its actually green.

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