Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aqua Ombre Dresser

I have slacking lately on keeping up with my blog.  As fun as it is to get comments and see my furniture all over Pinterest, I keep this blog mostly for myself.  It is intended to be a my photo album of my projects.  I have tons of redos that I have failed to blog about. I better get crackin'!

I thought that I snapped a before picture of this guy, but apparently, I didn't.  It was in great shape.  Just outdated.

I painted the body and top drawer with ASCP's Old White.  Then I used ASCP's Florence and Old 
White for the drawers.

This guy was posted and picked up within 45 minutes with 4 other people wanting it.  I might just have to do a couple more of these!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Two Ethan Allen Hutches

I'm a lucky girl!  I have a whole strip mall of thrift stores about 2 minutes from my house.  Now that my kids are both in school, I have 3 days a week that I can stop by to see what they have.  I saw both of these hutches right next to each other.  I knew immediately, by the shutter doors, they were Ethan Allen.  They were both 50% off, so off to my garage they went!

I am guessing that these came from the same owner.  I think that they may have used them together to make a large hutch.  I hemmed and hawed over whether to paint them the same and sell as a set or to sell them separately.  I finally decided to do them differently.
The first one, I painted in ASCP's Graphite.  I sanded down the top and stained it in Jacobean.
The second one had shutter doors, so I went with a distressed beachy finish!
I mixed this color together about 4 years ago and I loved it so much, I keep getting it remade!

I am happy to say that both of these found homes!