Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Secretary

Hello everyone!  I hope that you all enjoyed you weekend!  I love that I got an extra day to spend with my little guy!  He was excited to have his "long nap."

This was the dresser that I got when I made the mistake of walking away from the bedroom set for 10 seconds.  It was really sturdy and made of solid wood. 

Here is the before.

I mixed up a cup of homemade chalk paint with Behr's Cottage White.  I gave it two coats and then I sanded down the top of the desk.  It was my first time staining the top. It was much easier than I thought.  I guess I expected it to take hours... I used Minwax's Honey in a satin finish. 

Here is the after.

I actually had different plans for the drawers.  I wanted to decoupage the drawers with paper, but for some reason it bubbled up, so I gave up and ripped it off.  I think I just need to buy Modge Podge.  I went cheap and tried to use the homemade stuff.

I Just bought a new bedroom set.  I don't know what color I want to paint it.  What colors sell best for you?  I find that if I stick to black, white, and grey, they sell a lot faster.  My blues always seem to take forever.


  1. Gorgeous! I love it! You did a great job staining the top.
    For the bedroom set--do you want to paint all the pieces the same color? Maybe paint the different pieces different colors, but that could go together. Like the nightstand white and the dresser grey or something like that? Or paint the drawers a different color than the body?

  2. Hi Wendy ! Im following you Fram Italy , Josie is friend of my mom , she told me you are doing the same things like me . I just started and I'm doing little things ! Maybe we can exchange some technics !! Baci

    1. HI! I think that would be great to exchange techniques! My email is You can email me anytime!

  3. This looks great and inspires me to paint mine that is somewhat like this. It was handed down from mil as dh used it as a child. I need to get him on board with painting it!

  4. Great job on this Secretary! I just did a white one as well. I love the distressing on yours.

    Georgie @ knitpaintlove

  5. What an improvement! I have a similar piece I would like to paint as well.