Thursday, April 18, 2013

Living The Dream!

Long time no post!  Where have I been?  Well, lets see... First of all, we moved!  I have been an Oregon girl my whole life.  Born and raised in Southern Oregon.  Moved to Eugene, met the man of my dreams, and off to Portland we went!  After 10 years of rain, we wanted somewhere sunny!  So, off to San Diego we went.  It sounds so simple as I write this, but let me tell you that this move was 4 years in the making.  It still feels unreal that we are here.  The weather here is unbeatable.  Sunny and gorgeous every day!  Come winter this year we will be celebrating Christmas in shorts!

A week after getting here, I drug out the end tables that I had purchased at my not so secret store.  At first I thought that they matched pretty well, but after thinking about it, I decided to paint them differently, and sell them individually.

Here is the before.

The one I have to show you today, is the one on the left.

In celebration of moving to San Diego, I decided that I wanted it blue... You know for the blue sky and the blue ocean I get to enjoy!...  Okay, enough bragging...

Here is the after.


I am finishing up the other one today.  I can't begin to tell you how much I have missed painting.  The last time that I picked up a paint brush was 2 months ago.  I still can't believe it has been that long! It Feels so good to be back!  Now I just have to find a new honey hole for furniture!  Yes, I am still mourning the loss of my outlet! 



  1. Paint away, Wendy, we enjoy looking at your pieces- these tables are adorable!

    BTW, I'm a former Oregonian too (From PDX) Have lived in Illinois for the last 8+ years, but I actually MISS all the rain-- silly me. Then again, I paint outside now, so that might not be something to "miss". Coffee for sure, but drizzle-- ehhh, maybe not too much after all.

    Thanks for sharing with us :)

    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed's Linky Party
    Smiles, Suz @ MaytagNMom
    in NW Illinois

  2. What a beautiful table! I love the colour you've chosen, it's beautiful :)

  3. Adorable! Found you on the Spotlight Saturday link party. So jealous that you live in sunny San Diego - (we live on the wet coast... wet is not a typo). I love making old ugly things new and beautiful again, too! Glad to find your blog:)
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  4. What a great new color and so beautifully distressed!